Take stock of your insurance to reduce the bill

Regularly comparing formulas and contracts that exist on the market saves money

You have a home multi-risk insurance policy and, if you are a driver, car insurance. Like the majority of the French, you have carefully arranged them … at the bottom of a drawer. Too bad, because the field of insurance is changing rapidly. “By taking a tour of the market every two or three years, households can find new insurance more protective for an equivalent price, or other comparable, but cheaper,” says Arnaud Giraudon, director of broker A as Assur. In terms of insurance, the loyalty bonus does not exist.

Home insurance: keep in mind what’s new

With comparable guarantees, depending on the type of contract and the insurer, the rates for a multi-risk home range from one to two.

A basic contract covers you against the risks related to natural disasters, fire, water damage, and theft. But according to insurers, the operating methods are very diverse. First difference: the amount of the guaranteed capital, for a basic contract, is 10 000 to 15 000 euros per piece of housing.

If you have just invested in hi-fi equipment the last price, you have valuable furniture or are a bibliophile, you have every interest in signing a contract that covers you more, for a premium.

Attention, some contracts include in the capital guaranteed the valuables (paintings, jewels, …), others ensure it separately for a determined amount.

Theft guarantees are the most heterogeneous, some insurers require an armored door, others a lock with three or five points, or windows with protections (bars, shutters …). If you do not meet these requirements, the insurer will refuse to refund you in case of burglary.

Finally, many mutuals add to these basic guarantees enhanced legal protection, useful for neighborhood conflicts, and sometimes an extension of insurance that covers your children in their school activities, or even extra-curricular.

Last but not least, if your contract is old, check to see what’s new in your insurer’s range. The latest generation covers, for example, against electrical damage to appliances. This allows being paid back in case of failure due to overvoltage or short circuit.

Car insurance: adapt the formula

The price differences are even more marked in terms of car insurance: prices vary from one to five depending on your place of residence, your vehicle and your profile.

Here too, it is necessary to evolve your contract as your vehicle gets older and your situation changes (purchase of a car park, move to an area where vehicle thefts are frequent …).

Occasional drivers or owners of an old car may be content with third-party insurance. It offers coverage that meets the minimum required by law and incorporates a civil liability, which covers the damage to the victims (passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers) in the event of an accident and a defense insurance recourse in case of a legal problem.

It is imperative to add a bodyguard-driver, which covers you if you are driving and accident victim without responsible or caused by you.

The second type of insurance: the extended third, rather reserved for those who frequently use their car. It adds to the basic third-party formula a breakdown and accident guarantee, which allows for troubleshooting or repair. The cheapest contracts work from 30 or 50 km from your home.

If you use your vehicle to make short trips (for example, home and work), take out a contract that repairs from 0 km.

In the extended third, you can also find broken glass options, which can change your windshield, but sometimes windows, mirrors, and lights in case of collision or vandalism. If your car stays parked in the street, they are interesting. Finally, if your car is new or less than two years old, the all-risk formula is the most suitable because it covers all damages and accidents, even if you are responsible. In the event of a claim, you will receive a replacement vehicle and will be reimbursed the price of your vehicle at its Argus value if it is irreparable.

Point to watch with this type of contract: the theft guarantee sometimes includes the theft of your belongings and suitcases, even in the locked safe.

Play the competition

The point is to regularly compare the formulas and contracts that exist on the market. To do this, perform simulations on websites of comparators and brokers (A like Assur, Assurland.com, Hyperassur.com, Kelassur.com, Lelynx.fr, Lesfurets.com …) they will present you the most adapted contracts to your profile. A good tool even if you want to stay at your insurer because it will allow you to negotiate better. If you are a good customer and have not had a loss in the last two years, you will easily get a discount.